Spring 2018 Kayak Semester

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Spring Semester 2018


$12,900 + $2,000 Deposit


Road to Futa will be the best road trip of your life as you catch a series of ferries and drive through Patagonia. Notice the volcano straight ahead.

  • The Road to Futaleufu is the road trip of a life time exploring Patagonias famous southern highway aka Caretera Austral. Students drive around the Pacifics Gulfo de Ancud passing fish markets and salmon farms, glaciers and volcanos. Since no roads connect the Chiles north to south your forced to take a series of three ferries that haul cyclists, trucks, cars, trekkers, and kayakers. Youll take photos from the boat deck floating through Fiordo Largo passing dolphins and seals, volcanos and glaciers, and Chilean fishermen trolling the gulf for their trade.
  • Kayaking the world famous Rio Futaleufu. Whether you are an expert, intermediate or beginner the Futaleufu is magical. The rapids are a deep warm blue. While, you improve your kayak skills running class II to IV+ youll be amazed by the snow-capped peaks towering above the river.

    Kayak. Kayak. Kayak. You are going to get really good. Really fast. The Upper Palguin is just minutes from our base.

  • Overnight raft support trip on the Rio San Pedro. Camping overnight on a river is a bonding experience like no other. The San Pedro is known for its warm clear blue waters. Imagine after a day of paddling cooking dinner around the fire with the Chilean stars overhead. Nothing to do but enjoy life with friends.
  • Surfing and camping on Pacific coast beach. What kayaking trip to Chile would be complete without a little surfing and camping on the beach? More friends. More stars. More kayaking. This is how we plan our weekends.
  • Learning and speaking Spanish. Spanish in Chile is so stimulating youll be asking friends, Como dice? or How do you say Interacting with your new Chilean friends is a great way to practice what you are learning in class.
  • Kayaking cascades. Even if you are a beginner you will become good enough to run the local cascades. And weve got lots of them.
  • Professional certifications = dream summer jobs. By the time you depart a PSA program you will be qualified to win your dream summer job.

Skill Requirements
Whitewater Kayaking Experience Should Include the Following:

  • No Kayak Experience? No problem!

  • Beginner Kayakers Welcome.

  • Intermediate Kayakers? Yes.

  • Expert Kayakers. Yes. Advanced kayakers work in a leadership training program learning how to lead and teach on the water. As well, advanced kayakers get to benefit of going to run more challenging sections with coaching staff. So, experts are learning both kayaking and leadership skills.

Academic Courses:

Principles of Video Production*
4 credits / 64 class hours

Immersion Spanish level pending prerequisite Spanish course.
3 credits / 48 class hours

Wilderness First Responder
4 credits / 80 class hours

Leadership, Negotiation Skills, and Decision Making
3 credits / 48 class hours

Other Courses Offered: Cultural Geography

* Video camera and laptop required


So you have never kayaked, but think it might be fun? Or youve kayaked but are still swimming? Then this is the program for you! Whitewater kayaking is one of those things that can change the rest of your life. Exploring rivers. Learning to first roll then surf. And yes even run cascades. Its a stimulating sport from the start. Learning to kayak is easy with the right instructor, proper equipment, and safe rivers to paddle. Is now a good time to learn?

Maybe bigger than all of the above is the lifelong friendships youll form on the river. Hmm. Patagonia Chile. Kayak. Your university years. Are you kidding? Do it. Learn to kayak in Chile.

Pros of Learning to Whitewater Kayak:

Did you know kayakers surf too. Youll have options to surf play waves and at Chiles beaches.

Students embrace the challenge of learning to roll. That stimulating feeling continues as you advance to exploring rivers; begin freestyle, and even the adrenalin rush of running waterfalls. The feeling of exploring is high within the kayaking world and on the river. But maybe more than all of this is the lifelong friendships you will develop.

“Am I good enough to kayak?”

Is this you? Why not learn to kayak with your semester abroad? Patagonia Study Abroad student Alexis Jennings runs our back yard run near Pucon Chile.

The answer lies more within you. Are you the adventure type that enjoys learning new things? Do you enjoy exploration? Do you like trying sports? How about mountains? Like?

Kayaking can provide the same hard to explain highs of video games. That’s right! Gaming is designed to give feelings of euphoric accomplishment. As you master moves you’ll want to throw your hands in the air. Run a hard rapid or hit your first “combat roll” and hear your friends cheering when you resurface. It’s FANTASTIC!

Youll want a warm climate.

If you are just learning to kayak then you’ll learn best in warm rivers on sunny days. If it’s hot out then you will naturally want to get into the clear blue Chilean rivers. CHECK.

Will you be in a SAFE environment?

Your semester abroad begins with a weeklong Advanced Wilderness First Aid course tailored to whitewater kayaking. You will learn safety protocol from the first day. CHECK.

Be taught correct techniques from the start with Professional Instructors.

Being taught by experienced instructors is vital. You want to learn the correct way the first time versus being taught poor techniques. Great instruction gives you a foundation of moves that allow you to progress to the highest levels. Go Huge Kayaking programs have produced world champions, Olympians, national champs and introduced beginners to kayaking since 2001. CHECK.

Remarkable safe rivers enhance your experience.

Did you know that Patagonia is world-renowned for it’s rivers, lakes and lagoons? Everywhere you look there is a gorgeous waterway making its way from the Andes slopes to the Pacific Ocean. PSA knows the secret swimming holes and rivers that will give you the experience of a lifetime. CHECK.

Do you want to master a new sport and life passion?

Well. You could go to a big city and ride the subway as your cultural experience. Or you could learn to kayak. Explore Patagonia rivers and the culture that lives within the Andean mountains. You’ll be happy you did. CHECK.

What equipment will you need? And how much does it cost?

two affordable gear options through psa

  • Rent the kit from our affiliate Pucon Kayak Hostel at $US400. Retail value over $US1500.
  • Pro-purchase through PSA. Pro purchasing is an industry benefit offering gear at wholesale costs. If you want to get into kayaking then securing gear at-cost rates is the best savings offered.

Actual Equipment Value: After 9 weeks of kayaking youre going to have learned a new skill and be able to kayak on your own. Most students choose to purchase their own gear. **Ask us to help you get pro-rates discounted if you want to own your own gear.

  • Kayak retail, $1100.
  • Paddle retail, $150-$300.
  • Dry top retail, $150-$300.
  • Fleece accessories, $150-$300.
  • Booties, helmet and personal flotation device, $200-$500

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