BEGINNER & EXPERT KAYAKERS AND NOW MOUNTAIN BIKERS!! Choose the Right Semester for Your Skills

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Expert kayakers prefer the rainy season during fall to get on those classic cascades. Beginners will prefer the sunny Patagonia days with lower more managable levels to learn your combat roll during feb to April.

Which study abroad program is for you?

We recommend incoming students choose their semester abroad in Chile based on their kayaking skill level and athletic goals. If you are just beginning to kayak, you will love learning on mellow rivers under the warm South American summer sun during our spring semester. Experienced kayakers who are looking to advance their skills on endless cascades in high-volume rivers will prefer our fall semester during the more rainy Chilean spring.

Want the best of both worlds? Come kayak during your holiday break in December. Check out our new Christmas Tour de Stouts an action-packed program condensed into three weeks of pure adventure.


Beginner & Intermediate Kayakers:

Road to Futa will be the best road trip of your as you catch a series of ferries and drive through Patagonia en route to the famous Rio Futaleufu.

February 24 April 27, 2016

No kayak experience. No problem. Your semester will begin within Patagonia’s Puelo and Futaleufu Valleys. The warm climate and class II and III whitewater is prefect for learning your roll and basic strokes. Once you begin hitting your roll you will progress to our backyard rivers in Pucon.

Intermediate & Advanced Kayakers:
September 30, 2015 December 1, 2015