Life in Pucón

Your base of operations with be at the kayaker world famous base Pucon Kayak Hostel.

Pucon appears more like a Colorado or Swiss ski town than your typical South American town. Lying between the towering Volcan Villiarrica and a relaxing Lago Villarrica by the same name the destination town hosts an abundance of shops, restaurants, hotels and adventure companies. Mostly, it’s the volcano that attracts and makes for the melting pot of international adventurists. And why not the area is speckled with beauty and adventures galore.

WATCH VIDEO! Video Production Instructor Tino Specht composed this video of his Pucon summer experience with the Astorga Clan.

Geographically during the 1800s Pucon became part of a military trade and fishing route to Argentina. Today that route is the international highway providing passage for a multitude of travelers crossing the borders. Transportation infrastructure allows a free flow of travelers and easy passage to the activities.

The combination of an abundance of rivers, high tourism and transportation infrastructure allows kayakers to explore more whitewater than anywhere in South America. Many travelers base out of Pucon as they plan trekking or other adventures to the surrounding areas. We often see kayakers depart Pucon only to return a day later after Chile dishes out another travel beat down. The ease of Pucon travel and variety of activities causes nomads to stay longer than expected and return often.

Pucon’s most famous attraction Volcan Villarrica makes it’s presence known around every turn.

The local Universidad de la Frontera offers adventure tourism degrees that feed local companies with newly trained professional guides and marketing. They focus heavily on teaching guides the English language.

Pucon is the kind of place you want to check-out, to walk the streets, walk the lake, hike the volcano, meet travelers, use your Spanish, and explore as many adventures as possible. You may not like Pucon if you don’t have a comfortable place to relax and rest your head at night. But when your food, lodging and transportation are in order it’s one super cool place to see.