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Adventure Study Abroad

Beginner. Intermediate. Or Advanced kayakers are drawn to the beauty of Chiles rivers. Add academic courses and an inviting culture and you have Well. Its priceless.

Welcome to Patagonia Study Abroad. This is a unique study abroad/ gap year program developed by kayakers for kayakers. Based in Pucon Chile in the heart of Chiles lake district and the center of the countrys most renowned whitewater runs, Patagonia Study Abroad offers not only a semester of great kayaking but great cultural experience as well as college courses. Think of it as a semester of phenomenal kayaking complemented by a full on dive into Chilean culture supplemented with college courses or think of it as a phenomenal cultural experience with college courses complemented by a full on dive into kayaking.

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Above video As their final video production project spring 2015 students decided to build a probe kayak and send it down the Middle Palguin 85 foot siphon. The documentation answered a kayak community question about the variables of the giant drop after a 2014 bedrock collapse. Students promoted the video via social media outlets learning lessons in scripting, narration, shot composition, social media marketing, and post production editing. An exciting project for any student of videography.

The Middle Palguin class V waterfall near Pucon Chile was arguably one of the most cherished cascade features in the kayaking world. During 2014 heavy flooding milled porous basalt below the cascade formerly known as Stout 10. Tons of bedrock literally collapsed out from under Stout 10 just above the kayaker destination Middle Palguin 70 footer. Now, kayakers consistently ask, Whats at the bottom? Can you send a probe kayak? Is it runnable? A little known study abroad program for kayakers decided to kayak probe the cave siphon drop and document the mission for a video production course. Patagonia Study Aboard Principles of Video Production class is proud to present their final course project trailer, Kayak Probe Middle Palguin.

How does it work? Students take Spanish, principles of video production, advanced wilderness first aid, cultural studies and leadership courses during the week at Pucóns Universidad de la Frontera. Kayaking is each day afterschool and during weekends. Weekends you and your peers will plan short missions. Solving travel and logistic challenges, communicating with Chileans, setting your plans and then learn to adjust those plans on the fly will become your inspirational experiences. Yes. Your plans will fall apart miserably. The learning begins. Now lets bring it back to the quincho and laugh about it at the fire. What if you dont speak spanish and youve never had to plan anything in your life? No worries. Thats what your coaches and teachers are there for. Use of facts to make good decisions. How to allocate your time and resources. Are lessons youll practice. Youll see quantum leaps in your confidence and ability to navigate new environments, your paddling will improve exponentially. And think about all the kayak footage youll log.

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